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Tomorrow Rebuilding Together will be bringing Ms. Lipofsky home.  After being hit by Hurricanes Charley and Frances Ms. Lipofsky’s home was in need of some serious disaster relief, but instead she was taken advantage of by her unscrupulous contractor.  Eight years, and more than a healthy amount of patience, later it’s finally time for her to return to a home that will be as good as new.

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The outside painting started late last week, but I don’t want to give away what the final color choice is until Ms. Lipofsky gets to see it with her own eyes first.  Tomorrow will be a busy day full of final preparations for her to return to a neighborhood that’s been missing her dearly.  It might be just a few days early, but Rebuilding Together considers this project to be one of several that are in honor of the 22nd annual Make A Difference Day.  Officially, Make A Difference Day 2012 is as Saturday, October 27 but you can never start too early supporting a wonderful cause.

Make A Difference Day

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It’s going to be a wonderful weekend of volunteering all over the globe, but I’m proud that I’ll be spending my Thursday watching Ms. Lipofsky return to her home for good.  I can’t thank Rebuilding Together enough for allowing me to capture the action on the big day.  I highly recommend you find the Rebuilding Together affiliate that is closet to you so you can be a part of the next big project.  There is nothing out there as rewarding as being a part of a team that will help return families to their homes.

The highlight of my week will be looking into Ms. Lipofsky’s eyes and seeing the sense of relief that her dream has come true.  Rebuilding Together might be her angel, but they have become my becon of hope and reminded me why I pursued graduate studies for organizations like theirs.  While their focus is to provide “critical repairs, accessibility modifications and energy efficient upgrades to low-income homes and community centers at no cost to service recipients,” they have restored my faith in others again.  Thank you Rebuilding Together.  Thank you for what you’re doing for Ms. Lipofsky, for what you’ve done for so many others and for reminding me there are still people out there who want to make a difference.

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