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Thank You Rebuilding Together

Tomorrow Rebuilding Together will be bringing Ms. Lipofsky home.  After being hit by Hurricanes Charley and Frances Ms. Lipofsky’s home was in need of some serious disaster relief, but instead she was taken advantage of by her unscrupulous contractor.  Eight years, and more than a healthy amount of patience, later it’s finally time for her […]

Learning To Trust Again

When Hurricane Katrina hit the gulf many contractors fled the sunshine state to help those in need northwest of the Central Florida area.  Ms. Lipofsky’s contractor claimed to be one of those very people after he disappeared in October of 2005.  At first she was quite patient, but after months of him missing in action […]

Ms. Lipofsky’s Story Comes To Light

Ms. Lipofsky might be the most patient woman I’ve ever met.  She greeted me with a big smile and the incredible willingness to share her story.  Ms. Lipofsky is a retired teacher who seems to have a heart of gold.  Hurricanes Charley and Frances destroyed her adorable house in the summer of 2004, but it hasn’t forced […]

Lighten Up Frances

A mere three weeks after Hurricane Charley barged through Florida we found ourselves with Hurricane Frances heading our way. It became clear very quickly that Labor Day weekend wouldn’t be filled with cookouts for most of Central Florida, but instead a rush to find shelters that weren’t already full from the last hurricane. In an […]

Not All Charley’s Bring A Chocolate Factory

Florida made headlines in 2004 for being the first state to be hit by four hurricanes in one season since it happened to the Texas coast in 1886.  Hurricane Charley kicked off the season coming across Orlando from the west coast but just days later it was followed by Hurricanes Frances, Ivan and Jeanne all approaching from […]