Here I Go Again…


There’s no hiding that trying to balance all of my jobs with pregnancy and then the first year and a half of motherhood has been a juggling act with my schedule. That being said, this poor blog fell to the wayside and I am happy to finally have it going again. I can’t promise the regularity of the posts, but I can promise that I’ll continue to put my amusing spin on each of the topics that I tackle and that you’ll have plenty of opportunities to laugh at me along the way.  The only way to make a classic return is to keep in my tradition of bringing you topics that are at the top of everyone’s immediate list of concerns, so that being said it’s time that we get a little serious for a moment. 

After talking this over with other gals it’s definitely time to face this head on instead of continuing to sweep it under the rug. With all that’s going on in the world right now, I know that this topic is at the forefront of everyone’s mind and it’s time that I tackle it in a way that I think we can all agree is classically me so I’m just going to rip off the bandaid and say it. Why are “dick pics” a thing? No, seriously gentlemen! This is no laughing matter. Can one of you explain this to my gender so we can all have better clarification on this shocking trend that has been raging on since the invention of camera phones?

I’m going to need someone to enlighten me on this.

While I’m pretty certain guys believe that the response from their intended photographic miracle is one of admiration and astonishment, I can assure you that in 98% of cases it comes with lots of disgust and occasional laughter. I’ve heard from gals that these photos come in a myriad of classifications which include everything from implied nudity, ranking higher on the scale of tasteful and alluring therefore making them somewhat socially acceptable, all the way down to explicitly blunt and therefore trashy. I’ll tell you what, I’ve never had a girl friend of mine say that the defining decision to date, marry or sleep with a guy was based upon one of these photos. As a matter of fact, I’ve overheard plenty of gals laughing over the absurdity of the trend and asking why guys think sending them is a worthy idea.

Just think about if we flipped the table on this.

 Let’s flip the tables for a quick second and think about if a gal tried to reciprocate the “favor” and send an equal photograph back to a guy. Clearly by stating it has to be equal that narrows down the body pretty quickly and also rules out all of the top locations guys generally request a photo of. In the interest of also giving this photo opportunity an equally catch name, let’s evaluate the sensibility of sending a “twat shot.” First off, the name in itself it foolish enough to make you laugh so that definitely doesn’t carry with it a mystery of sexiness. If a guy is out with his crew and receives a sensual photo of most body parts he’s likely to let the group partake in the photo. However, I’d imagine if a guy opened his phone to an indelicate and crudely taken photo of that portion of a gal’s anatomy then he’d shut the message as quickly as he opened it.  

Photo courtesy of

Either way, 2017 is the ten year anniversary for the first iPhone hitting the market and I think it’s time we take a step back and reevaluate this off-putting trend. With the invention of Snapchat and now Instagram’s disappearing message feature, this trend has only continued to grow at a senseless level. It’s time we consider dialing it back a notch and consider keeping it classy instead of trashy on both sides of the gender pool. Leave something to be desired guys and gals and I’m sure you’ll appreciate it in hindsight.  

Oh How I’ve Missed You

Hello blogosphere, I’ve missed you! I know it has been far too long and I disappeared a bit like a flighty fling you were hoping to turn into a real relationship. Didn’t mean to drop you like a bad habit, but I’ll admit I let life get in the way.   
 Photo Credit: East Point Fellowship 

Since its been so many months, you can image that a lot has changed in my world as I’m sure it has in yours. Without further delay here’s the Cliff Notes version that I’m sure I’ll expand upon later. After more than 2.5 years we finally learned at the end of 2014 why the process of getting pregnant seemed impossible for us (yeah my fault – darn PCOS), underwent fertility treatments and welcomed G to the family in late 2015.   

  G, welcome to this crazy world. 

I was blessed to be the Maid of Honor for the wedding of my dearest friend in early 2015. My husband was then cast in one of his biggest dream roles that same summer and enjoy each moment of his return to the stage. In addition, he joined the massage team at Cirque du Soleil and we both started a new adventure working as distributors with It Works! Global. 

If all of that wasn’t enough, I worked in 4 different locations doing 4 different jobs with my company in 2015 and began in my fifth as I returned from maternity leave. Thankfully, after 3.5 years of working seasonally and on temporary assignments, this time the job offer was full time so I can breathe easy knowing I’ve got a permanent job and health insurance for all of us. The offer came mere weeks before my maternity leave began, so the timing couldn’t have been better. A few months later I was transferred back to an area I loved and given a chance to continue growing in the world of live events. 

Through it all, friends have come and friends have gone. We’ve learned quickly who our true friends are and hold them even closer to our hearts. They are an extension of our family, especially for me since I don’t really have siblings. I can’t imagine my life without some and wouldn’t ever want to. 

It’s been a wild hiatus that I’ve taken from this blog but now, after dipping my toe back in the water a bit recently, I’m finally ready to return and face the world with humor and inquisitive wonder once again. Hope you’re prepared to rejoin me along the way as you never know what each post will hold. Whether you’ve made your presence known or just joined as a lurker of the years, it’s always been a delight to have you along the way. Welcome back!

I Joined A Cult

For as long as I can remember I’ve been on the side of the “leggings ARE NOT pants” argument. Now I’m sitting here typing this, in my butter britches, eating my own words. I’ve gone and done it. I fell for the hype, I hosted a party and I committed what I used to consider as the ultimate sin…I’ve joined the cult. Now, that’s not to say that if all my friends jumped off a bridge that I’d do it too, but if all my friends are going to strut around enjoying the versatility of comfortable fabrics than I’m sure as heck down for that!

So, the cult…maybe you’ve heard of it. LuLaRoe. The mothership of comfy clothes that feel like pajamas. That, in a nutshell, is how I joined the cult. Because who doesn’t want to go to work feeling like they are in their pajamas. Now, there is a strict no leggings dress code rule at one of my jobs and to be honest, that’s what I own the least of. I know, I can hear all you LuLa lovers out there cursing at me for admitting that. However, it was their dresses, skirts and kimonos that drew me to the brand.

The first pair of leggings was actually a party gift from hosting. They sat in my closet for several months untouched before I finally put them on and to be honest I only picked them up because it was easier than doing laundry that day. The moment they were on I felt like my legs were engulfed in a warm hug. Since then I’ve purchased 2 more pairs and been given 2 more, so I’m at my self-imposed cutoff of 5 and I don’t even look to see what else is out there.

Thanks for the words of advice mom!

Now their dresses, skirts and kimonos are a whole other story. This is where I was snagged by the cult hook, line and sinker. I’m now THAT girl. You know her, we all do. The one who continually checks album sales to find her unicorn (their term, not mine) and has her independent consultants keeping an eye out as well. It’s a serious problem you guys! I realized my love for the brand had been taken to a whole new level when I fly to St. Louis for a conference and the base piece for every outfit was LuLaRoe.

The upside was that when I unpacked at the hotel there wasn’t a single item that was wrinkled in the least. 5 days, countless outfits, each stylishly crafted with accessories to achieve a business casual look and I wasn’t once uncomfortable. From conference sessions, to my daily walks in the cold weather and snow, to even a night out at the theatre for my birthday, I never felt under or over dressed. I’m convinced that those who design the LuLaRoe styles are geniuses! Therein lies the draw to all the items mentioned above, they are incredibly versatile. With the right accessories, I can go from running errands with my son to work to date night and not have to change 50 times.

Boots and tights turn any LuLa look into winter wear, so it made it so easy to take them with me to be comfortable and presentable for a conference.

This dress travels incredibly well and the necklace gives it an extra pop of flair.

Now my only worry is that I’m afraid I’m becoming the spoiled brat of LulaRoe. I have 5 independent consultants on the look-out for my wants, needs and desires. Does that make it a cult or is this moving into the category of addiction? It’s like they are my suppliers. All their album sales and “shop the box” live streaming sales are putting the Lula goodness right in the palm of my stylish little hands almost 24/7. That’s lead to 1 (Madison) skirt with pockets, 1 (Joy) sleeveless duster, 1 (Julia) column dress, 4 (Lindsay & Monroe) kimonos, 3 (Cassie) pencil skirts, 3 (Carly) high-low dresses and 4 (Amelia) dresses with pockets. Oh my goodness, now that I put that all In black and white I feel like a LulaRoe hoarder!!

From work to play, mom life or a date, LulaRoe works for all!

You know what’s worse, I recruited my mother to join the cult. Yep, daughter of the year material right here guys and gals. Don’t believe me, just take a look.

Can you tell this Carly is in one of her favorite colors?

Lisa sent me this heathered, teal Carly dress and challenged me to make this one dress suit all of my needs. Up to this point I never owned a solid color piece as I thought it might be too plain to wear to work, but I’ll be darned if I didn’t prove myself wrong.

These are just 5 of the ways I’ve styled it and remembered to photograph. Some days I leave the house with it styled one way and then change it throughout the day to suit my needs. I don’t remember ever being able to do that with my Calvin Klein work dresses!

So, what does my mom now think since being sucked into the brand? Glad you asked! She’s become a groupie because she likes to look good, loves to be fashionable and adores being comfy. I started her with one pair of leggings which she said “hugged her butt.” Mine hugged my legs, but whatever. Then I gave her a Carly dress for Mother’s day and she just keeps talking about more, more, more. I’m afraid that pretty soon she’ll be asking to start up our own LulaRoe business like Lisa and Robin have.

There’s no way I could control myself with all that inventory in my house. It would be like a meth addict getting a job in a crack house while Mom was chairing an AA meeting in a bar! Mom found their page on Facebook and is swooning. We live in Florida, it’s hot, she runs hot and suddenly she’s found comfy dresses that she can wear around town and not be uncomfortable, sweaty or frumpy so LuLaRoe is becoming her go-to for looking good and feeling good. She hasn’t been a “dress person” for years, but for the first time Mom is wearing cute dresses to run errands, walk the dog and most importantly, babysit G!

While I have my sights on trying out another one of their skirt styles, I take pleasure in knowing that at least my splurges are benefiting others almost like supporting small businesses. My husband and I are proud to have our own business that allows us to help others while providing us the financial means to cut back our hours and keep G with us instead of at daycare. Each piece of LulaRoe I’ve purchased has helped another mother do the same, aided a wonderful gal in paying off her debt, or allowed another to save up for their dream home. While I do feel as if mom and I are in too deep at this point, I take solace in knowing this plays a small part in seeing others achieve their goals. Some of those gals have even repaid the favor and are now customers of mine as well. That my friends is the truest definition of gal power.

In Pursuit of Family – Part III

*If you missed the last two posts then you may want to play catch-up there first before jumping in here.

I’ll be completely honest, I was dragging my feet all the way to that appointment. I was terrified to have someone dig further into the situation and tell me that the problem was all my fault, but now in retrospect I wish we had gone to see someone earlier. I was indeed the reason that our struggle had by that point been going on for over 2 years, but the doctor had assured us she would exhaust all option in making our dream of a family come true. After previous failed attempts that included medical assistance, in March of 2015 we learned that we were pregnant and suddenly the tears flowed again but finally for the best reason ever. Everything was worth it! The rollercoaster we endured made me treasure every moment of the pregnancy and I believe it is the reason my outlook stayed so cheery throughout. As I continued to work days that sometimes were sixteen hours long all the way up until two days before I gave birth, I did it happily without complaints as I wouldn’t have traded it for the world. Thankfully, pregnancy caused the pain from my Fibromyalgia to temporarily take a backseat and so I enjoyed nine blissful months pain free for the first time in years!

Welcome to the World Little G!

In November of 2015 I gave birth to our little guy, a little earlier than expected, and our world was forever changed for the better. Over a year later, I can’t imagine my life without him. He’s the reason we do everything we do each day and the source of so many of our positive choices. During pregnancy we started to migrate over to organic food and tested out more clean eating recipes. That has only continued to increase since G’s arrival and we’ve found ourselves feeling better and better each day. I worked hard during the twelve weeks I was on leave from work to lose the pregnancy weight as my Fibro pains were beginning to return and it was necessary to reduce the strain on my body as much as possible.  I was able to return to work at my pre-pregnancy size due to our healthy lifestyle and the assistance of several of the products we represent with It Works! Global. Even though my Fibro has reared its ugly head again, I’m finding ways to continue battling it that don’t include prescriptions and intend to keep it that way. In my eyes, every sacrifice we’ve made to change our lives for G and that I continue to make each day for me to manage my Fibro will always be worth it. Being healthy is what it takes in our world and we intend to raise G knowing just how important that type of lifestyle is in creating year after year of memories to come.

In Pursuit of Family – Part II

*If you missed Part I of this post from quite a while back you may want to play catch-up there first before jumping in here.*

The battery of tests that were run at least lead us to the conclusion that I have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, also called PCOS or the “Silent Killer,” and that brought with it a list of potential routes to take in our journey towards a family. The cause of PCOS isn’t understood just yet, but doctors believe it may be a combination of genetic and environmental factors. It’s considered to be the leading cause of infertility in women, so clearly I’m not alone in this in this obstacle. The three key treatments include regular exercise, healthy foods and weight control, which seemed to me to be such a small price to pay to ensure we could move forward in our quest to have a family, so I eagerly agreed to do everything the doctor requested of me. My unlimited membership for barre and yoga classes came in very handy and by the time I was able to get pregnant I found myself in the best shape of my life. Giving up caffeine, all alcohol and changing to a low carbohydrate diet left me a bit cranky in the beginning, but I made it through with a goal in my sight and bless my husband for having the patience to help me get through it.

Courtesy of:

Courtesy of:

I will admit I was more than a bit surprised when the doctor recommended I lose about ten pound, as I was already at a healthy weight for my stature at the time, but if she would have told me to spend four hours a day standing on one foot I would have done it with a smile on my face. Nothing was considered to be too much in my eyes and I would have changed my whole world if it would have increased our chances. Giving up vial after vial of blood, being prodded for sonogram after sonogram and taking handfuls of prescriptions in addition to shots to increase our chances all seemed like small prices to pay for what we consider to be our greatest miracle. The only struggle I found was how alone I felt in the processes despite my husband doing his best to try to make me feel better.

Doctor's Orders

Doctor’s Orders

Why is infertility considered taboo? 10%-15% of couples in the United States are considered infertile after a year of battling the struggle and, while they may all be due to different reasons, this should be something that can be comfortably spoken about. Our journey started in October of 2012, so if you’re doing the math then you can shun me later about how that was a year before we got married if you’ve got nothing better to do. We purchased our home, moved in, got engaged and I changed jobs all within about 30 days and yet we were crazy enough to make the decision to start a family together. A year later we found ourselves still without a child and losing hope that it was going to happen. We got married in November of 2013 and made the decision to keep trying as I believed everything happens for a reason and maybe fate had decided that we were meant to be married first before bringing a child into this world. By 2014 I had lost all hope and we decided it was time to see medical assistance.