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Thank You Rebuilding Together

Tomorrow Rebuilding Together will be bringing Ms. Lipofsky home.  After being hit by Hurricanes Charley and Frances Ms. Lipofsky’s home was in need of some serious disaster relief, but instead she was taken advantage of by her unscrupulous contractor.  Eight years, and more than a healthy amount of patience, later it’s finally time for her […]

A Married Homeowner vs. Her House’s Mistress; The Contractor

It was in April of 2005, after the sixteen-page contract was signed, that Ms. Lipofsky’s rebuilding process began. Soon after she became suspicious of the unscrupulous ways of her licensed contractor when things just didn’t add up. She remembers having a CAD artist come over to install her skylights and one look at them now […]

Paint, Textured Walls and OCD Don’t Mix

For those of you who are trying to figure out what has inspired the hurricane spotlight on my blog this week, I’ll grant you a peak inside my mind.  The purchase of our very first home is on the horizon and it has me taking a closer look at the homes I run by in our neighboring […]

Headlines That Will Take You By Surprise

Offensive shrubbery is worthy of being headline news? Unemployment rates are still in the tank, the world is continually in an uproar, it’s an election year and yet I still am finding the craziest of headlines that are unrelated to the afore-mentioned topics. Believe it or not, but a 53-year-old man in England is at […]