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Managing Tragedy In The Workplace

A friend of mine recently texted me requesting that I write a post about from a managerial perspective of dealing with tragedy in the workplace.  As much as I would like to oblige her, I’m not sure that I know enough about the topic as it isn’t one that I’ve handled much.  However, the more […]

“I Asked For A Kitchen…”

Yesterday Rebuilding Together, Rebuilding Together Orlando, Grip-Rite and CBRE brought Ms. Lipofsky home after four weeks of hard work to restore her home. It took two hurricanes to tear hear house apart, but the help of the team that gathered yesterday to restored her home and faith in others. The volunteers gathered early that morning […]

Thank You Rebuilding Together

Tomorrow Rebuilding Together will be bringing Ms. Lipofsky home.  After being hit by Hurricanes Charley and Frances Ms. Lipofsky’s home was in need of some serious disaster relief, but instead she was taken advantage of by her unscrupulous contractor.  Eight years, and more than a healthy amount of patience, later it’s finally time for her […]

It’s Starting To Feel Like Home

Just a few weeks ago a visit to Ms. Lipofsky’s house would have revealed that she only had her concrete slab as her flooring.  Now she’s the proud owner of beautiful new laminate flooring.  It’s amazing how much of a difference new flooring makes.                       […]

Breathing Life Into Ms. Lipofsky’s

Rebuilding Together has announced that Grip-Rite, along with CBRE, is sponsoring the reconstruction on Ms. Lipofsky’s house that is currently underway.  In the last few weeks I’ve been stopping by almost daily to see the progress and talk to Ms. Lipofsky about her excitement for the project.  It seems like each time I am there […]