Labor Day Is Exhausting

Those close to me know that I shop like a guy.  I park right by the store I need to go into, go directly in to get what I need and then get out of dodge.  Unless I’m out for a day of bonding with my mother, it’s rare that I shop leisurely.  Therefore, I think we can all be amazed that I survived between six and eight hours of furniture shopping last week.  I lost track of the hours at some point and that’s why it’s a bit of a blur as to how many cumulative hours I actually participated in this crazy venture.

Most of you probably celebrated Labor Day as an extra day to rest and relax.  My boyfriend and I celebrated by feverishly racing around to multiple furniture stores to take advantage of the sales while they lasted.  With the closing date for our house on the horizon we realized that we would be sitting, eating and sleeping on the floor if we didn’t get our butts in gear… and soon!  Hence the frenzy to take advantage of the Labor Day furniture sales and the lack of my usual Monday post.

Photo: Courtesy of Haverty's Facebook Page

Photo: Courtesy of Haverty’s Facebook Page

After 4 furniture stores, countless hours of debate and conversations about how to pay for it all, I’m happy to say that we will have some furniture after we move in.  This is big news in our world as once we decided to say goodbye to all things left from college and past relationships I suddenly realized this might just be the best moving experience I’ve ever been a part of!  The only items of furniture we’ll actually be physically taking to the new house would be one queen sized mattress & box spring set and one chest of drawers.  Hot diggity dog!  I’m not going to kill myself trying to relocate for once.

While we’ll have lots of boxes to move for all the other items joining us in this relocation, I am realizing this won’t be as horrible as I remember all past moves being.  I’m glad I survived the furniture shopping and even had enough energy to kick off the packing movement in the office.  I can also check off attempting a virtual yard sale as we posted our first round of items we were selling on Facebook and managed to sell eight pieces of furniture right off the bat.  Not bad for a first try.  All in all, I’m pretty darn proud of the work we got done over the Labor Day weekend.  Now when is the next three day weekend as I’m exhausted from the one that just passed?

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