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Oh How I’ve Missed You

Hello blogosphere, I’ve missed you! I know it has been far too long and I disappeared a bit like a flighty fling you were hoping to turn into a real relationship. Didn’t mean to drop you like a bad habit, but I’ll admit I let life get in the way.     Photo Credit: East Point […]

Fix Me

One of the most endearing things I’ve ever had someone say to my face is that they stopped to briefly consider moving forward in a medical field in an effort to find a cure that would take all my pain away.  The fact that someone would even ponder that momentarily was enough to move me.  […]

Yawning The Day Away

It’s hard for me to say this with a straight face after working 23 hours straight, or maybe that’s exactly where this is coming from, but either way it’s extremely important to get enough sleep each night to keep your mind productive.  Over the holiday’s I’ve been surrounded with hardworking front line employees that are […]

The Training. The Pain. The Fibro. The Finish.

In recent posts I’ve touched on the fact that I let my Maid of Honor talk me into running three 5ks with her. However, before I knew it she had talked me into a fourth and then I talked myself into a fifth so that I could run with my colleagues at work in a […]

Labor Day Is Exhausting

Those close to me know that I shop like a guy.  I park right by the store I need to go into, go directly in to get what I need and then get out of dodge.  Unless I’m out for a day of bonding with my mother, it’s rare that I shop leisurely.  Therefore, I […]