Your Career’s Final Destination

Years ago someone, and I wish I could remember who, told me that I had the power to will things into fruition. At the time I didn’t take much stock in the comment. However, all these years later I think I finally understand what they meant. I know exactly where I ideally hope to work one day. Every career move I’ve made has brought me one step closer to achieving my goal. It’s all because years ago I chose my destination, set my coordinates and have followed the path ahead so I stay on track.


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The problem for some happens to come in when they don’t have a destination in mind. Do you have a goal for your future? Do you know where you want to go or what you want to do? If not, today is the day to take a moment to decide the path you want to start on. Think of it this way, if you’re not choosing the path for yourself then you’re leaving it in the hands of someone else to decide for you. Do you want to stay where you are right now? Have you already achieved your ultimate goal? Even if you have, is there another goal you would like to set for yourself now?

No one is saying you can’t change your mind or change what you want. We’re human, we change our minds all the time and that is quite alright. However, if you’re drifting through life without a purpose and a path to stay on then it seems a bit as if you’re just letting your opportunity to achieve your hopes and dreams pass you by. It’s never too late to start over. I say this as someone who has set, reset, and altered her final destination several times. Each time I’ve gotten closer to achieving my goal I’ve revised my final destination so that I continually have something to aspire to.

On each step along the path I’ve let it be known that although my goal might be lofty I am determined to get there. I’ve got my mind set on a destination that I know is a hard to obtain at the moment, but that’s been the case with several destinations I’ve set for myself in the past. Each time I’ve been lucky enough to will my goal into fruition through hard work and perseverance. Recently Ashton Kutcher made an acceptance speech at the Teen Choice Awards where he said “opportunities look a lot like hard work.” While I appreciate him passing this knowledge on to the next generation in a setting that would force them to listen, I do believe there are more than a few in my generation who would benefit from having heard this speech as well.

I decided long ago that I would make my own opportunities appear the moment that I set my first destination and started the journey towards it. Take out the map for your career, pick your destination and start your journey today. When you look back years from now, after you’ve obtained your goal, you’ll be happy that you decided to take charge of your future. A few weeks ago I wrote about letting someone else have control over the future of my career and looking back now I’m glad that I struggled in giving it up. I stayed true to myself, true to my goal, and landed in a place that opens even more doors on the way to my final destination. I’ll continue willing my future into fruition each step along the way. Will you?

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