What’s Happened To Humanity?

My faith in humanity has been crushed.  An incident at work with an employee from another area opened my eyes to see a world that I’ve clearly been blind to.  Deep in my heart I’ve always believed that when another human is in trouble that complete strangers would jump in and help in whatever way they could.  You hear the stories about people saving the life of a stranger and you begin to believe deep down that the world always functions like that…until it doesn’t.

Coming into work and older employee fell and landed on her kneecaps on the cement.  As she sat there crying very loudly, as I can only imagine most people would if they weren’t busy screaming from the pain, people continued to walk right on by.  No one stopped to see if she was okay, needed assistance or medical attention.  They just starred at her while passing as their attention was caught by her sounds of extreme pain.

As I approached the situation I sadly watched as other front line employees from her area did nothing to help, people from other areas just walked on by like nothing was going on and managers even pretended as if they didn’t see the situation.  Despite being immediately depressed by mankind, I did what I would always hope someone would do for me and I stopped to help.  I couldn’t help but wonder how long she had been there before I arrived to call for medical assistance.

All it cost me was some of my time and a slight detour of my morning routine, but I was happy to help her and be the smiling face that reassured her help was on the way.  What I couldn’t fathom was how people could turn a blind eye to someone who obviously needed assistance.  It crushed me to see people passing her by and made my blood boil when those from her own area left her there to fend for herself.

It was almost 10 years ago that I needed assistance in that same location after I blacked out and subsequently passed out on my way into work when I was still a performer.  A stranger came to my rescue and caught me so I didn’t hit the ground.  They called for medical attention and stayed with me until I was coherent enough to realize what happened.  I’ll never forget wishing I had a familiar face with me, but being thankful for those I did see around me despite not knowing who they were.  That experience immediately rushed back into my thoughts and made me realize she was probably just as embarrassed and scared as I was back then.

My experience won’t change the way I feel about helping a stranger in need, but it was saddening.  I’m that person who will stop to pick up a stray animal and then attempt to find the owner.  I’ve been known to pull over to help a flock of ducks or a turtle cross the road.  I’ll continue to be the kind of gal who is willing to drop everything and help another human being in need as that is what I would always hope someone would do for me.  After all, isn’t that what anyone in their right mind would hope for?

Gloomy sky or not, the site of this fountain lit up my face.

Gloomy sky or not, the site of this fountain always lights up my face.

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2 Comments to "What’s Happened To Humanity?"

  1. Desiree Lambert's Gravatar Desiree Lambert
    September 15, 2014 - 9:58 AM | Permalink

    Keep being the person you want to see the world filled with. I get this feeling that common courtesy is as vintage as manners. 🙁 Please continue to help. The world needs more people like that.

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