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Curtain Up?

The 2014 – 2015 theater season was apparently the one which finally brought forward new musicals inspired by personal experiences. First George Takei opened Allegiance and then Sting opened The Last Ship. Allegiance did, however, preview in San Diego at The Old Globe during 2012 before planning to head to the big white way while […]

Breathtaking Artistry

It’s no big secret that I’m a geek deep down on the inside. The right dress, hair and makeup can deceivingly make me appear to be a girly gal who loves to spend a day at the spa. However, those who really know me know I rather trade in the heels for my flip flops […]

A Dangerous & Distructive Guest

One of the most important life lessons I grasped as I passed into my early 30s several years ago was to stop comparing myself to others. For most of my life as a performer I compared my abilities to others and used it as a gauge of my talent level. At times it inspired me […]

Threading The Needle of Family Traditions

Family traditions can be hard to continue on as so many things change from generation to generation.  From as far back as I can remember my grandmother has been stockpiling fabric for her amazing sewing projects.  When I was young I used to watch my mom and grandma work together on creating me a new […]