Early To Rise

This year I’ve been trying to make a genuine effort to be early to work.  I have a tendency to just skate in at the nick of time when I’m working in locations that I frequent.  However I know I have the ability to be early, as that is generally what I am when I’m working a special event or in an area that I don’t usually get scheduled in.  It’s amazing how as little as fifteen to thirty minutes makes the difference between rushing around like a mad woman and gracefully coasting in with time to spare.

It seems to be a law of physics that everything that can go wrong will when I’m running late.  The dog will throw up right as I’m walking out the door, the hem in my dress with fall apart as I’m getting into my car, or I’ll somehow manage to spill something all down the front of my outfit as I’m trying to rush out the door.  In an effort to avoid that I’ve been trying to build a buffer into my morning routine so that I can avoid unnecessary headaches.  It appears to be working so far as long as I continue to give myself the buffer.  Is there something you do each morning that helps your routine to ensure you avoid speeding tickets or being late for work?

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I’m curious to know what it takes others to get out of the house in the morning.  I know that my morning routine can be longer than most just because it takes my body a while to get up and moving.  I wish I had some kind of a time-saving trick or shortcut that was a magical life saver, but I’ve yet to find one that works for me…unless I count my husband.  His ability to make a packed lunch, to-go cup of coffee, and breakfast magically appear is a pretty awesome time-saving trick in my book.  Now if only I could figure out how to make that all happen when he’s not around I would be all set.  I would feel like Samantha from Bewitched.

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