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Time For A Challenge

This year I’ve decided to not let my Fibro hold me back from experiencing new physical challenges.  I’m hoping to get another half marathon in at some point, but I also want to find new things to conquer.  There should be a part of my brain that is telling me that I can’t take on […]

Your Career’s Final Destination

Years ago someone, and I wish I could remember who, told me that I had the power to will things into fruition. At the time I didn’t take much stock in the comment. However, all these years later I think I finally understand what they meant. I know exactly where I ideally hope to work […]

Blooming In Life

Glad to be back after a brief break to accommodate an increased work schedule. After last week I find myself missing entertainment even more. I miss feeling alive while at work and spreading my creative wings. Being put on the spot last week allowed me to really bloom and step up and it reminded me […]