Who Wins The Donation Competition?

When an internet yard sale leaves items behind what do you do with it all?  Our lease was up at the end of December and after moving into the new home we tried our best to sell any items that weren’t coming with us via Facebook.  We figured it couldn’t hurt to give it a shot.  After all, it didn’t require me getting up at the crack of dawn and haggling with the early risers in my drive way on a brisk morning.  At first we were able to sell quite a few items right off the bat, but then we found ourselves left with the several larger items and we weren’t sure what to do.

Who knew it would be so hard to give away a leather sofa.

Who knew it would be so hard to give away a leather sofa.

I posted the larger items on Craigslist in hopes that we would be able to make a little bit of money and get the items into the hands of someone who actually needed them.  With the end of December approaching I had to consider what we would do if we weren’t able to sell everything as it had to all be gone before our final walk through.  In the Central Florida area there are several charities that are so gracious to actually come to your house and pick up the larger furniture donations and so that left me to decide who we would donate the items to.  I learned through this process that each charity has certain donations that they will not accept.  Therefore, I donated to 2 charities to ensure that all the items we had to give would be accepted and find their way to new homes.

How do you pick something like that?  Every charitable donation is crucial to these organizations and each organization does good for an immense number of people.  Do you divide your donations up and give them to multiple organizations?  Do you just write the names down, put them in a hat and which ever name you draw out it the organization that gets your donations?  It’s so hard to choose who to help, but I think because it is around the holiday’s that I feel even more charitable and the pressure to make sure I do the right thing is heightened.  What is the deciding factor for your charitable donations?

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