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Who Wins The Donation Competition?

When an internet yard sale leaves items behind what do you do with it all?  Our lease was up at the end of December and after moving into the new home we tried our best to sell any items that weren’t coming with us via Facebook.  We figured it couldn’t hurt to give it a […]

Welcome To The Neighborhood

Last Saturday was the first night that we officially stayed in the new house and it was also the first time that I realized we were part of an actual neighborhood.  I’ve been in and out of the new house many times during the painting and moving process, but our neighbors must have realized on […]

Offer Accepted!

I’m so very proud to say that we’re one step closer to home ownership.  This has been one long process that started back in March of this year, but we knew we were going to have to be patient since we were taking our chances with a short sale.  Finally the bank has formally accepted our […]