Temptation Is Powerful

Temptation is a powerful little devil if you let it be.  It’s that voice in your head that defies all reasonable logic and repeatedly tells you to do something.  The voice that doesn’t understand that there are repercussions for each action you take and doesn’t care to stop to consider that thought in the least.  When that little voice in your head becomes a massive devil on your shoulder that is screaming so loud you can’t hear your voice of reason, being trapped in your brain can be a difficult place to be.

For those of you battling weight loss you’ll recognize that voice as the one that tells you how badly you can’t live without that deep fried, sugar encrusted ounce of goodness that is making your mouth salivate every time you think about it.  Attempting to stay in shape is crucial for me to make it through my everyday battle with my Fibro.  Since I like healthy food I don’t find the difficulty being in making the right choices about what to eat.  I don’t have a voice in my head telling me that I can’t live without consuming six Big Macs in a day.  My temptation is to stay in bed, on the sofa, or anywhere else that is soft and comforting.  When your body feels like it is against you from the moment you wake up, it is hard to fight the voice that is telling you to pull up the covers and go back to sleep.

My new Fitbit experiment.

My new Fitbit experiment.

In an effort to help fight my temptation and keep myself motivated to move, I’m giving the Fitbit a try.  Not because I need to track what I’m eating or even because I’m on a track to lose more weight.  I bought it to hold myself accountable for the amount of activity I have in a day.  I need something staring me in the face and telling me that I can’t just sit around letting my pain get the best of me.  I will not give up the fight and allow myself to forget who I am.

Before all the pain began I was active around the clock; dancing for as many waking hours as I could manage to squeeze into my schedule.  Those days have had to change to make way for a job that is less active, but that doesn’t mean I can let myself mold to my bed when I’m not at work.  I won’t let myself lose to my Fibro and I refuse to give in to my temptation.  I am stronger then the voice in my head!

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