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Toes In The Sand

Good friends, good books and good adventures are sometimes all it takes to remind you that it’s time to embrace the world around you. I’m very fortune that I have a few close friends who have stuck by my side through thick and thin. They remind me that even on my worst of days a […]

Temptation Is Powerful

Temptation is a powerful little devil if you let it be.  It’s that voice in your head that defies all reasonable logic and repeatedly tells you to do something.  The voice that doesn’t understand that there are repercussions for each action you take and doesn’t care to stop to consider that thought in the least.  […]

Ever Heard Of Good Ol’ Exercise?

I don’t mean to be crass, but the trends for dieting are getting out of hand.  Most of the options that have come to light can barely be considered “dieting” as I equate that with sweating from exercise and following a healthy eating plan.  Now you don’t have to do either of those. On the radio […]