The Jacket Representing Us

Photo Credit: BRENDAN FARRINGTON, Associated Press

Photo Credit: BRENDAN FARRINGTON, Associated Press

Every once in a while when I’m perusing online news I find a real gem like this.  The article is all about Florida lawmakers wrapping up their session.  However, with this photo being the signature picture chosen to represent the article it is hard not to laugh as the posting goes on to state that “The Legislature did send Gov. Rick Scott an elections bill that attempts to fix problems with long lines and vote-counting delays that made Florida a joke across the nation last November.”  Yes, ladies and gentlemen Florida is a voting disaster that is laughed about all across the nation.  I won’t deny that but, with Representative Keith Perry wearing that jacket, our voting system isn’t the only thing being laughed at in Florida.

What is up with that look?  I understand from the article that he was looking to “brighten up” the mood, but that jacket might just be taking it too far.  There you go ladies and gents from Gainesville.  There is the person that you elected to represent you in all of his fashion glory.  I appreciate that he obviously has a sense of humor, but I’m not exactly sure if that is the best way of showcasing it when there are such important items that need to be addressed by members of the House of Representatives.

What are your thoughts?  Am I crazy?  Do you think this is the time and place for a jacket of that sort?  Or do you believe it is time the House of Representatives gets down to business?  I’m partial to the latter question as I want to see some work being done for a change instead of them just collecting a paycheck and taking their sweet time doing any work that would justify the salary.  However, I know that politics is a sticky situation and everyone has their own opinion.

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