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Oh How I’ve Missed You

Hello blogosphere, I’ve missed you! I know it has been far too long and I disappeared a bit like a flighty fling you were hoping to turn into a real relationship. Didn’t mean to drop you like a bad habit, but I’ll admit I let life get in the way.     Photo Credit: East Point […]

Ready For Battle

When I was taught how to drive my step-dad made sure I knew how to be a defensive driver as much as a law abiding driver. He put me through the ringer during my driving lessons with him, but it made me stronger as well as proud of the extra gray hairs I caused him […]

Sprinkle, Sprinkle…Splash, Splash

Summer in Orlando can go one of two ways. It either rains almost every single day or we are in a drought and have fires starting in every direction you look. Either way it will always be at least the following: hot and humid! Each summer hundreds of thousands of travelers converge on the Central […]

Goodbye Fantasy…Hello Hollywood

A little less than five months after leaving the hotel industry to return to theme parks, it appears that I’m once again making a change.  I won’t be changing companies this time, but instead swapping departments and the theme park that I am based out of.  Part of the added bonus in accepting a position […]

A New Year Full Of Excitement

Just before Matt’s foot surgery we had a chance to have some engagement photos taken and I’m glad we jumped at the chance while we did.  The photographer offered to head out with us once more to try out a few fun photos he’s been thinking about doing and I think once the tourism season […]