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A Sweet Treat In Disguise

I prefer to stay away from food that has been chemically treated when I can and I just think my body prefers it that way.  However, when my cousin posted this article recently I think I may have found a reason to make an exception if I’m ever in Paris again.  “WikiPearls” are the latest […]

Sprinkle, Sprinkle…Splash, Splash

Summer in Orlando can go one of two ways. It either rains almost every single day or we are in a drought and have fires starting in every direction you look. Either way it will always be at least the following: hot and humid! Each summer hundreds of thousands of travelers converge on the Central […]

Is There A Handbook For That Stroller?

I will start by saying I am most definitely not a mother; at least not yet at this time in my life.  However, I do work in the hospitality field in Orlando and therefore get to see many families that are on vacation each year.  My friend John once pointed out to me a child that […]

Elevator Etiquette

What ever happened to good old elevator etiquette?  Now I know that there are many cities across the United States that don’t have building that need to utilize elevators and maybe that has something to do with so many people not understanding the etiquette that goes along with them.  Since I am now working in […]

Thank you Mr. & Mrs. Minneci

This week’s theme has clearly been about Chicago and I’m going to kind of keep that going.  The main event for our second trip to Illinois was to attend a wedding of a dear friend of mine.  Oddly enough our friendship started by me cyber stalking his blog after judging a hysterical class project he […]