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Its Got To Be A Goorin!

Hats have always been an accessory of comfort to me.  I have heard some girls say they feel “naked” without their jewelry or that they have a favorite pair of jeans, but I think a hat makes me feel complete.  Don’t get me wrong, any pair of jeans that I’m wearing is a favorite as […]

Dreams Really Do Come True

Earlier this year I mentioned that my boyfriend was making a HUGE dream of mine come true by taking me to Chicago this year for my very first trip.  I’ve tried several times to make it to Chicago, specifically to Wrigley Field to see the Cubs play, and was never successful in making it happen […]

Is That Puppy A Toddler?

If you haven’t frequented a theme park, mall or other prime people watching location recently then I strongly suggest you do.  It’s amazing what you can watch while you sit back, relax and enjoy a cup of coffee or a small frozen yogurt.  My favorites are the “nothing fights” that you hear couples having.  I […]

Dear Sweet Tomatoes,

Everyone has a restaurant story.  Usually they are related to the service, the food, or the location.  However, this one is related to the restaurant’s layout.  Okay Sweet Tomatoes of Lake Buena Vista, Florida, I have a bone to pick with you.  I love your salad, soup and potato bar.  I do not love your […]

Dream Trip…Priceless?

How do you not use a coupon when you purchase things?  Last month for my birthday my amazing boyfriend surprised me with my dream trip to Wrigley Field.  I was so overwhelmed with joy that I cried while jumping up and down screaming like a crazy gal.  You would have thought I just won the […]