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Just the Right Frames

In looking back to pull photos for this post, I was reminded just how many shades of red my hair has been over the last 12+ years.  It was sometime around late 2001 and early 2002 that I decided it was time to go with a hair color that more appropriately matched my personality.  I […]

A New Year Full Of Excitement

Just before Matt’s foot surgery we had a chance to have some engagement photos taken and I’m glad we jumped at the chance while we did.  The photographer offered to head out with us once more to try out a few fun photos he’s been thinking about doing and I think once the tourism season […]

Its Got To Be A Goorin!

Hats have always been an accessory of comfort to me.  I have heard some girls say they feel “naked” without their jewelry or that they have a favorite pair of jeans, but I think a hat makes me feel complete.  Don’t get me wrong, any pair of jeans that I’m wearing is a favorite as […]