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I Joined A Cult

For as long as I can remember I’ve been on the side of the “leggings ARE NOT pants” argument. Now I’m sitting here typing this, in my butter britches, eating my own words. I’ve gone and done it. I fell for the hype, I hosted a party and I committed what I used to consider […]

Perception Is 9/10ths Of Reality

It’s been a while since I had a rant about some new fashion craze, so I’m overdue for another.  I just can’t hold myself back any longer as I’m now seeing this everywhere.  Have you seen the newest style in denim shorts?  I like to say they look more like a pair of boy short […]

It’s All About Support

I’m known at work for frequently wearing shoes that have a bit of personality to them. When my shoes reflect my personality it makes me feel like I’ve found a way to make the dress code work for me. A pair of shoes that you really enjoy can put a bit of pep in your […]

It’s A Mugging Or Trip To The Beach

I’ll fess up from the start that this item was totally brought to my attention by The World According to Alexandra’s recent blog post.  Please tell me you have seen the popular fashion trend the “face kini.”  The name might sound like it is all fun and games but the visual will lead you to […]

My Mother; The Blogging “Expert”

Acquiring blog readers is hard.  Simple as that.  At times, the vast technological universe that many of us partake in can make it difficult to attract those that are the target audience you are searching for.  However, that involves you actively trying to attract an audience.  When I started this blog back in January of […]