Let’s Give It A Whirl

Sometimes you’re willing to try just about anything when the pain of Fibromyalgia is consuming your every waking moment. When my fiancé came home from a recent certification, that is known to help with pain management, I agreed to become his test subject for homework. There aren’t very many others that I agree to let touch me when my pain escalates, but some days you just think “well, it can’t be any worse than it is right now so what the heck!”

Several years ago I gave up on most Western treatments for my Fibro, as the side effects didn’t outweigh the benefits, and I took up consciously selecting a healthier lifestyle instead. I’ve done my best to grin and bear it through the pain every day since. Some days it’s all I can do to survive my job and return home. Other days I can literally run a half marathon with almost no issues. My extreme fear of needles has kept me away from acupuncture, but I might now have a solutions that that works off of similar principles.

MPS Therapy, why didn’t I learn about you earlier in life? MPS Therapy combines the ideas of acupuncture, neurology, and micro-current stimulation all together into one giant ball of overstimulation. However, I seem to be coming out on the other side with less pain. It’s not a cure, but it’s a start and I’ll take it!

Our household has opened its arms to proudly welcome our own Dolphin Neurostim kit. I’m considering it an extreme bonus of being engage to a licensed massage therapist who has made it his goal to make each day a little easier on me. I’ve already talked in the past about how EVERY holiday is a gift giving holiday in his mind, so the Dolphin Neurostim kit was an early 4th of July gift according to my nut of a fiancé. He almost didn’t even take the course, but I couldn’t be happier that he changed his mind and enrolled in it instead of another course.

I’m okay with “outside the box” treatments as anything is better than pumping my body full of chemicals that Western doctors treat everything with. I do know that it is FDA approved, although so are Fruitloops and from what I’ve read those food dyes will do a number on you if you pump yourself with enough, so take that for what it’s worth. Regardless, after working what ended up being a 70 hour work week last week, I was willing to give almost anything a try in hopes of feeling like my old self again. I’m crossing my fingers that with each treatment I’ll keep seeing improvements in my pain and gain the ability to feel a little more like myself.


The MPS Therapy has officially begun in our household.

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