Step Aside Mutant Chicken

Why does there have to be so much crap in the food we eat nowadays? Why do I have to pay a fortune to get food that isn’t chemically injected? It seems like there is this vicious circle that keeps going around and around. Food that is processed, chemically injected with all kinds of hormones, and overall pumped full of everything your body doesn’t know how to naturally handle is always cheaper. If you eat all that crap then you end up with serious health issues and last time I checked the cost of health insurance was rising because of so many American’s being obese. However, if you are tight on cash then unhealthy food is the most readily available and strategically priced to go into your shopping cart.

It seems to me if we could find a way to make the organic and healthier choices more affordable then American’s could be in better health so that the cost of insurance could begin to lower. Am I the only one out there seeing this? I doubt that it takes a thirty year old Entertainment Manager from Florida to point this out and yet I don’t see anyone out there making a move to do anything about the real root of the problem. Maybe I’m the only one who cares because I can see how all the crap that is put into my foods, usually without my full knowledge, has affected my body and in turn my life.

I didn’t spend my years as a child hoping that one day I would wake up and experience each day of my life in pain. I didn’t even ask to spend one day of my life in horrifically debilitating pain, but here I am just trying to survive each day. Since turning thirty and sitting back to really look at all the health anomalies that I’m up against, I can’t help but be angry that things have gotten the way they are. I wish that I made millions just so I could afford to shop in the natural food stores and never step food back in a traditional grocery store that will continue to push mutant chicken breasts at me like a drug dealer in a back alley. Alas, we are not millionaires and I’m left figuring out how to balance our little grocery budget with my feelings about traditional shopping arenas.

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I want us to be healthy so we can live long lives. I don’t want to have to exercise for three hours a day so that my body can figure out how to deal with all the chemicals that are floating around in it from the processed foods that surround us. I think it’s time I bite the bullet and see how far I can stretch our dollars at Whole Foods. At a certain point I think the quality of the chicken is more important than it being a piece that is the size of my head because the darn bird was pumped full of hormones. I’m not sure how my fiancé is going to like this new way of thinking, but hopefully he will see that I’m doing this so that we can both spend many more happy years together in the future with less trips to the doctors.

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  1. Linda Lipofsky's Gravatar Linda Lipofsky
    May 14, 2013 - 5:07 PM | Permalink

    From what I heard the pharmaceuticals love the idea of people being “incarcerated” with toxins filling up and festering within their bodies. America has become the land of the monopoly — and with it the greed of the corporations. There is no room anymore for the little people. But hopefully, you can explore the EWG (California, of course) which organization is fighting for us and is lobbying on Capital Hill. Truthfully, most young Americans don’t have time for and also don’t want to make time to want to be knowledgeable and smart like you. And the idea of rich America is to bombard us with inane TV shows that keep the new generation of lower income levels satisfied with stupidity. When I met you, Alexis, I knew you were far above the rest.

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