A Year Of Big Events


In the last three weeks I managed to survive a 60th birthday party that I’ve been working on for months, celebrate Valentine’s Day, get Coda a treat for her third birthday and transition to a new position and make it through two rounds of interviews for a full time position in yet another department. I would say that has kept me more than slightly busy. The backless dress that I had altered was a hit with an amazing accent necklace and a pair of shoes I’ve been dying to wear to an event again. All in all, the last three weeks have been full of fun and I’m happy that things are beginning to return to normal.

The guest list for the wedding is starting to slowly come together and I finally got the courage to ask a good friend to be a bridesmaid. I will say that now I feel a bit silly about being so worried to ask her to be in the wedding party. She seemed so excited that it finally made me realize that the time burden is outweighed by the excitement of being there.

It looks as if the wedding party is now complete. Hopefully in the end of March we’ll be able to look at bridesmaid dresses, so the gals are all set. I’m looking forward to being able to spend time with the gals and have some fun. I’m not sure if we’ll be able to get together for my birthday, so at least I know we’ll get together a few weeks later.

I’m trying not to think about getting older, but instead focus on the fact that I’ve had another year to fill full of new experiences. I originally wanted to flee humanity and celebrate my birthday in peace, however, my fiance let me know that wasn’t going to happen. I’ve requested that the celebrations be somewhat low key and I’ve been instructed that I cannot make plans for certain days of the week so I’m sure he’s got something in mind. I’ll leave the birthday planning to him while I work on a few of the smaller details for the wedding. Seems like an equal trade off.

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