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The Siblings I Never Had

There are certain people that you meet in life and know instantly that they will remain in your life for a very long time. You get each others references and laugh at each others jokes almost instantly upon meeting. It becomes hard to picture a moment going by without having them to share it all […]

Toes In The Sand

Good friends, good books and good adventures are sometimes all it takes to remind you that it’s time to embrace the world around you. I’m very fortune that I have a few close friends who have stuck by my side through thick and thin. They remind me that even on my worst of days a […]

A Year Of Big Events

In the last three weeks I managed to survive a 60th birthday party that I’ve been working on for months, celebrate Valentine’s Day, get Coda a treat for her third birthday and transition to a new position and make it through two rounds of interviews for a full time position in yet another department. I […]

Would You Mind…

How do you ask your loved ones to be a part of your bridal party nowadays?  I’m not looking for creative suggestions exactly, but more like an explanation of how you can do it without feeling guilty.  It seems like everyone has a million obligations today and I am struggling to ask the rest of […]