How Did You Talk Me Into This?

According to my newly acquired t-shirt, I’m apparently a Master of all Terrain. February’s 5k challenge left me and my Maid of Honor worried about what’s to come. We kicked off our tri-challenge Master of all Terrain series with the airstrip run and I believe I might just be feeling it until our next adventure in March. The knee high weeds, sugar soft sand and surprising craters made each step of the 3.1 miles an adventure that we braved together.

It was an interesting experience being a part of an inaugural process. I’ve had the opportunity to be a part of inaugural runs at Disney, but since they do so many throughout the year they still have a general idea of what they need to do. The course may be slightly shorter, longer or different in the path it takes but all the other details are the same. This race looked a bit like some guys got together and decided “how hard can it be to get a race started?”

Clearly this was a very loosely planned course.

Clearly this was a very loosely planned course.

There are still two more running challenges in the weeks ahead and I’m starting to realize that there isn’t really any good way to train for a 5k that is on a motocross track. I’m going to cross my fingers that all goes well, we finish the course and are still smiling on the other side. I’m glad my Maid of Honor will be by my side, but every time I look over at her it will be hard not to remind her that this was her crazy idea!

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