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Can You Lead A Horse To Water?

I’m starting to sense a cloud of self-delusion among young managers.  I had the opportunity to sit down with a friend recently and hear a laundry list of bad management techniques that he was watching go on at his place of employment.  I can only boil it all down to this: there are leaders out […]

You Can’t Stop The Determined

*This started as the tail end of my post from last Thursday, but quickly grew into one that could stand on its own two legs.  I urge you to read the post from Thursday first to fully understand where this is all coming from.* I knew from the moment I took my first job with […]

Being Paid In Memories

Many of us in the Central Florida area have been employed at the Mouse House at some point over the years.  Some have gone on to work at all the other theme parks in the area as well, while others stayed true to Walt and his ideals.  Earlier this week, USA Today posted a story […]