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Not Your Average Guest “Book”

I was struggling for months to find the right type of guest book for our wedding.  I found several different ideas that I liked pieces of, but none of them were exactly what I was looking for.  That is where my wonderful groom-to-be steped into the picture and decided to create exactly what I had […]

DIY Until We Die

With less than two months until the wedding, our household has become a serious DIY project breading ground. In an effort to keep the budget as small as possible we’ve been trying to tackle as many DIY projects as we can to put the finishing touches on our big day. Everywhere you look you’ll find […]

Parental Super Heroes?

Having our house has been such a blessing. Some times when I pull up in the driveway I’m amazed that we own the house and it’s not just another rental that we’re going to have to move out of eventually. Since all the painting that I initially did before we moved in, I haven’t had […]

I’m The First To Admit I Have A Problem

I think I’m addicted. Yes, I’ll be open and admit I have a problem. I often think about it when I’m at home by myself and have trouble shaking it out of my mind. HGTV and the DIY stations are taking over my life! My name is Alexis and I’m a home improvement show junkie. […]