It’s Time For Change

In an effort to not join the masses who are writing about their outrage about political opponent statements, I have decided that today I would tackle a really important issue that I just feel is being sidelined.  This is a topic I hold close to my heart as if affects me almost daily and I feel like it’s time that we start discussing it.  When on earth did peanut butter become so darn expensive?!?!  Yes, I said it.  I’m bringing the giant white elephant in the room to everyone’s attention so if you are ashamed to be a part of this discussion then it’s time you walk away.

Seriously folks, it was bad enough when the price of Honey Nut Cheerios escalated so high that I have to wait for BOGO events so that I can hoard boxes of this honey goodness like it was being sold on the black market.  Now I’m realizing that I’m going to have to start donating organs to keep up with my peanut butter addiction.  I’m sure there is a Peanut Butter Anonymous out there, but I’m not ashamed of my habit and you can’t make me give it up.  I like it whether it is crunchy or creamy, in a sandwich or a crêpe, on an apple or just a hunk on a spoon.

It appeared as if nothing could separate me from my protein rich addiction until I was hit in the face by the Publix price tag recently.  Goodness gracious, I could have bought two gallons of gas (even at its currently inflated price) for what I was being charged for one container of peanut butter.  That just seems like highway robbery.  What’s next?  I’m assuming it’s going to be the cost of milk since the Cheerios and, in most applications, peanut butter are best accompanied by some form of milk.

This is just unacceptable and I think it’s time we step forward and do something about it.  It’s time for our voices to be heard people!  There is a time and place for the peanut butter price gouging reform to take place and it’s now.  Who’s with me?

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    I’m wondering if the Senges possess some sort of genetic predisposition to peanut butter addiction. I like it ok (mainly mixed with sugar & in desserts) but Jon has a pretty serious problem and Alice is promising to follow in his footsteps… I haven’t noticed that it’s gone up in cost, but we aren’t buying brand names so maybe there’s a difference? We get a little tub each week from the bulk section of our grocery store and Alice and Jon make short work of it!

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