Hard Work, Sweat And Duck Tape?

This past Saturday morning I had the amazing opportunity to run a 5k with my Maid of Honor and I’m glad I got my butt out of bed early enough to do it.  It was a fundraiser for a young man in the area and with there being over 400 runners I would say it was a success.  As we ran, and laughed about the gold wedding dresses that were seen in my post on Friday, I was reminded that true friends stick with you through it all.  We have three more races to look forward to running together in the next two months and they are a bit on the untraditional side.

My love for my Maid of Honor runs deep; all the way down to the way she so gently describes how much fun these next three races will be and has the ability to talk me into doing more crazy races in the future.  On our way back from Saturday’s conquest she discovered an advertisement for four upcoming extreme races that she attempted to sell me on.  I will say the creators of the races get bonus points for the names the have chosen, but I’m not so sure that two of the four are for me since they seem to involve flames or extreme distances.

However, two of the races sounded interesting.  One involves being chased by police cars and that might actually motivate me to run faster.  The second one involves a 5k, bike ride and a kayaking section which honestly sounded pretty cool.  Unfortunately there won’t be a sanctioned chance for me to be chased by police cars while running on foot as we’re already signed up to run a 5k at an air strip that day.  She some how suggested that I join her first on an air strip 5k, then a motocross track race on foot and finally another run through a local wooded area.  Which leads me to the question of the day.  What on earth do you wear on your feet to do these untraditional races?

I direct this question mostly towards those that I know what are participating in all of these mud runs.  My knees, ankles and feet would appreciate me wearing good running shoes, but I can’t justify getting them all crusty with mud after the small fortune you usually have to shell out to get them.  I learned today that some people actually duck tape their shoes to their feet.  At first I assumed it was to keep the muck out, but then it was explained it was actually so that they weren’t lost in the mud.  If that’s the case then now what on earth do you chose to duck tape to your feet?  Is this why everyone is buying those individual toe shoes?  Are they easier to hose down when it’s all said and done?  Inquiring minds, or at least mine, want to know.

Photo Credit: birthdayshoes.com

Photo Credit: birthdayshoes.com

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