I Control My Destiny


A watercolor photo I’ve been holding on to for years now.

In the last few years I learned a really important lesson. I control my own destiny and if I don’t like something about my life then the only one that can do something about it is me. That being said, I acknowledge that it took me a long time to realize this fact and not everyone around me has realized it in their own lives yet. When I realized, after many expensive hours of marriage counseling and personal therapy, that my first marriage was beyond saving I knew I had to make a decision if I wanted my life to improve. I made the most difficult decision ever and chose to file for divorce.

After realizing that my last job wasn’t the place for me and that I wasn’t going to be able to grow there I started applying to get back to the company I enjoyed working for the most. That’s how I ended up making the jump into the job I currently have. It was a tough decision to make as I knew my schedule, and therefore my paycheck, would be unstable for a while until I secured a more permanent status. However, I love going to work each day and I get to learn new things on a regular basis.

I have always struggled with change, but in the last few years I learned that I’ll never get to where I want to be if I’m not willing to embrace it. That is when I decided that there was no more room in my life for excuses. If I wasn’t happy with something then it was only because I was allowing myself to be unhappy. I needed to either make a change or find a way to embrace the situation and make it good for me. The message that I talked about in my last post reminded me how lucky I am to realize that I control my own destiny. I control my happiness and the only way others have the ability to bring me down is if I allow them to negatively affect me.

Each day I wake up and take the bull by the horns. At thirty years old I’ve already faced many issues that people much older than me are afraid to take on and instead live each day in an unhappy haze of misery. I made an agreement to myself that I wouldn’t become one of those people and it changed my life. In my past I would have let that message I received pull me down immediately. Instead I gracefully chose to act like the adult I’m proud I’ve grown to be and walk away from the situation. I’ve bid the message writer adieu and peacefully said goodbye to that portion of my life. Several years ago I wouldn’t have been able to do it, but now I easily acknowledge that some people will never understand the truth and always seek to bring down those that surround them.

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