Getting Back To Actually Communicating

It’s almost unexpected to hear my phone ring nowadays.  Most of the communication that I participate in on a daily basis is done electronically via text messages and emails and thus I find myself actually caught off guard when my cell phone rings with a call unexpectedly.  However, the downside of communicating electronically all the time is that lots of messages can be misconstrued.  As technology has progressed it’s amazing to me that I can now video conference with someone and yet we will often exchange numerous messages instead of just picking up a phone to accomplish a task quicker.

At times I forget that those who don’t know me like the back of their hand cannot see my expression, hear my intonation, or read my potential sarcasm via text message.  I’m coming to find that I think it’s about time I return to picking up the phone to voice or video chat with someone instead of sending messages or emails.  I can’t read someone else’s mind when I can’t see any physical cues or hear their inflection when they speak so, instead of trying to guess what they really mean in a cryptic message, it’s time I get back to actually communicating.

A simple smile can be heard in the voice or seen via video chat, but missed in a text message.

A simple smile can be heard in the voice or seen via video chat, but missed in a text message.

How many times a day do you read and email or text message and think, “what do they mean by that?” or better yet, “ are they being serious?!?!”  I’ll admit that I’m just as guilty as the next person for sending cryptic messages instead of saying what’s really on my mind.  Although there are occasionally times when I communicate more openly via messages because I can be honest without having to face someone or hear their reaction, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it is the best way to be handling a situation.  It’s time I pick up my phone and utilize it in a way it was originally meant for and I’m encouraging you to give it a try as well.  In this day in age when everyone is used to instant gratification and pretty much demands answers the moment the ask a question,  I can’t think of a better way to keep you from texting and emailing while driving than to suggest just calling people instead.

While it’s not my resolution for 2014, I’m definitely going to try to pick up my phone more often for calls and video chats instead of emails and text messages.  What are you planning to make a priority in your life for this year?  Have you given yourself a realistic list of items to work on in 2014 or are you joining the millions of other people who will make unattainable lists that they cast aside before we even get to February?

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