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Sink Or Swim

It looks like I’ll be able to pay bills next week, if I survive this week’s work schedule. After several weeks with minimal hours, I’m looking into the face of a week with almost sixty hours of work for a change. This presents and interesting challenge since the wedding invitations should be arriving on our […]

The Jacket Representing Us

Every once in a while when I’m perusing online news I find a real gem like this.  The article is all about Florida lawmakers wrapping up their session.  However, with this photo being the signature picture chosen to represent the article it is hard not to laugh as the posting goes on to state that […]

The Hair Stylist Search Begins

For years now I’ve been going to Hair Cuttery to save a little money in my hair care charges. For those who weren’t immediately tipped off by my photo on the right hand sign, I’m not a natural redhead. The lurkers that visit often to snoop out my page may have seen the photos I’ve […]

The Search Has Begun

I’m on strike against my hair salon! I just can’t take it any more. I’m tired of paying WAY too much money to come home unhappy that I wasn’t given what I asked and paid for. Are there other gals out there who feel the same way? I’ve never denied that I’m not naturally a […]

It’s A Mugging Or Trip To The Beach

I’ll fess up from the start that this item was totally brought to my attention by The World According to Alexandra’s recent blog post.  Please tell me you have seen the popular fashion trend the “face kini.”  The name might sound like it is all fun and games but the visual will lead you to […]