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Parental Super Heroes?

Having our house has been such a blessing. Some times when I pull up in the driveway I’m amazed that we own the house and it’s not just another rental that we’re going to have to move out of eventually. Since all the painting that I initially did before we moved in, I haven’t had […]

“I Asked For A Kitchen…”

Yesterday Rebuilding Together, Rebuilding Together Orlando, Grip-Rite and CBRE brought Ms. Lipofsky home after four weeks of hard work to restore her home. It took two hurricanes to tear hear house apart, but the help of the team that gathered yesterday to restored her home and faith in others. The volunteers gathered early that morning […]

Welcome To The Neighborhood

Last Saturday was the first night that we officially stayed in the new house and it was also the first time that I realized we were part of an actual neighborhood.  I’ve been in and out of the new house many times during the painting and moving process, but our neighbors must have realized on […]