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Shift In Thinking

The mysteries of Human Resource offices every where never cease to amaze me. Armed with their resume scanning software, preliminary phone interviews and multiple rounds of in-person interviews they predict who the best applicant is for specific jobs. Often these are jobs they’ve never worked themselves, or in my opinion even fully understand when it […]

You Won’t Be Sorry

Another day and another rejection email for a full time position.  Once again I was lucky enough to make it through to the final round of interviews, but that was where I also learned that someone internally who has been doing bits of the job under a different title was up against me.  It wasn’t […]

What Languages Do Your Employees Speak

Last week was another hectic one in my world, but I’m happy that I was able to complete a guest post amid all the craziness. You can check out my “Day In The Life Of…” guest posting at Searching for the Happiness. I follow Wendy’s fabulous blog and suggest that you do to. It’s such […]

My Mother; The Blogging “Expert”

Acquiring blog readers is hard.  Simple as that.  At times, the vast technological universe that many of us partake in can make it difficult to attract those that are the target audience you are searching for.  However, that involves you actively trying to attract an audience.  When I started this blog back in January of […]

Move Over Nappytab ‘Cause We’re Coming For You

Back in the day I posted about the “Coffee Compatibility” I have with my boyfriend.  Over the last two and a half years I’ve learned there is much more that we share then just our coffee and ice cream preference.  What I most treasure is our shared love for the performing arts.  Although we’ve only […]