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Shift In Thinking

The mysteries of Human Resource offices every where never cease to amaze me. Armed with their resume scanning software, preliminary phone interviews and multiple rounds of in-person interviews they predict who the best applicant is for specific jobs. Often these are jobs they’ve never worked themselves, or in my opinion even fully understand when it […]

Stepping Back Catapulted Me Forward

When I returned to the company I’m now with, back in October of last year, I never thought that just ten months later I would be entering my third work location. Within my first four months I managed my short term goal of being transferred into the department I was immediately aiming to get into. […]

A 21st Century Approach to Human Resources

I am thankful that I have a job.  Really I am.  I am watching people I love trying to find a job and seeing the struggle of participating in the process without having current employment.  However, I still find myself frustrated with the fact that my one year anniversary with my current company is 2 […]