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The Unlived Life

Seeing family members struggle with jobs they dislike has been tough to face in this economy.  You want to be able to swoop in and repair the problem; or at least I do.  I want everyone to enjoy their job as much as I enjoy mine each day.  However, I know that at this point […]

The Introverted Extrovert

For someone who has spent so many years in the world of entertainment, which naturally comes with large crowds of overly animated people, it’s amazing how much I still clam up when I’m thrown into social gatherings. Over the years when I’ve been asked, I have had no qualms about stating the fact that I […]

Goodbye Fantasy…Hello Hollywood

A little less than five months after leaving the hotel industry to return to theme parks, it appears that I’m once again making a change.  I won’t be changing companies this time, but instead swapping departments and the theme park that I am based out of.  Part of the added bonus in accepting a position […]

It Is A Small World After All

Today’s topic in the spotlight is how it really is a small world after all.  The world of entertainment seems so massive at times, until you hope to not cross paths with someone you were involved with in your past.  Suddenly it doesn’t seem to matter what town you live in, or how you’ve chosen to be a part of […]