It Takes The Hands Of Many

While the work continues at Mr. Mallet’s house, I thought I would take this chance to talk a little bit about those who are helping Rebuilding Together Bergen County make this transformation possible.  After Hurricane Sandy left the Garden State, back in late October of 2012, many knew that they needed to immediately spring into action to help those that were in serious need of assistance.  First Lady Mary Pat Christie is the chair of the Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund, Inc. and is extremely proud of what they have accomplished since it was launched on November 2, 2012.

Since 2012, the Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund has initiated “Sandy Service Days” and awarded millions of dollars in grants to organizations such as Rebuilding Together Bergen County.  Their help has been crucial in ensuring that other organizations can move forward in the rebuilding process.  For homeowners in Little Ferry and Moonachie, like Mr. Mallet, the  a grant from the fund provided $400,000 for mold remediation.  Until the mold was under control, many organizations were being prevented from being able to move forward and do what they could to assist homeowners.

Photo Credit: Rebuilding Together Berger County's Photographer - Thom Mongelli

Mr. Mallet’s home.  Photo Credit: Rebuilding Together Bergen County’s Photographer – Thom Mongelli

I have really enjoyed peaking in on the work that Rebuilding Together has been doing throughout New York and New Jersey by checking out their web series.  In just 19 short episodes you can can meet the homeowners and volunteers that came together over several months.  You get to meet two new volunteers, Maria and Melanie, throughout the web series and watch as they encounter so many others that come together to make Rebuilding Together’s work possible.

Every few days new videos in the series are released, but the very last one is coming up on October 29th so now is a perfect time to catch up on those that have debuted since the first one on September 16th.  Check out what Maria and Melanie have experienced alongside elected officials, veterans, first responders, sponsors, celebrities and Rebuilding Together staff on the journey to rebuild New Jersey after Hurricane Sandy.  Mr. Mallet’s house is well underway to becoming a home again, but he’s just one of many that Rebuilding Together Bergen County has helped so here’s your opportunity to see who else’s life they have touched.

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