Hearing Your Voice Immediately Made Me Smile

I’m very fortunate that my career path has always given me the opportunity to meet new people.  Sometimes I meet those that have an interesting story to share.  Other times I cross paths with people who need a little positivity in their day.  Then there is that rare occasion that I meet people who immediately bring a smile to my face.  Currently I am very lucky that I have a client here or there that falls into that last category.  You may have a friend or two in your life that are similar.

I grew up as an only child that was very close to her mother, spent all my spare time at the dance studio and only had a few friends.  Since my list of friends is smaller it has always been important for me to hold them near and dear to my heart.  Therefore, it always makes me smile to meet people who immediately make me feel as if I have known them for years.

There were friends that I lost touch with in my past due to others that were in my life, but as soon as we got in touch again it was as if not a day had passed since we last spoke.  We picked right up where we left off and our friendship has continued on strong ever since.  It’s always good to know that these close friends will be there when we need each other.  Through thick and thin they always appear when I’ve needed them the most.  Their best quality is that they make me smile as soon as I hear from then.

Now I find that I have clients that immediately bring a smile to my face when I hear their voice on the other end of the phone or receive an email from them unexpectedly.  Something about these clients makes our interactions seem so natural and it is quite refreshing compared to the standard client interactions I have throughout the rest of the day.  The more I work with these clients the more I feel as if they must have this impact on everyone else they encounter each day.  Why is this?  I’ve boiled it down to one simple fact: honesty.  These clients are so genuine and honest when they speak that they make me feel the same way my close friends do.  They always make me feel as if they really are interested when they ask questions about my world.  It’s a beautiful trait and one that is hard to find in people today.

I thank these close friend and clients.  They both are the bright light into my day, bring a smile to my face and have a lasting impact in one way or another.  I would like to think that my friends are aware of this, but I’m sure these clients just don’t know how wonderful they are.  I appreciate the genuine honesty and only hope to repay the favor while bringing a smile to their face in return.

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