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Do I Just Need Socks?

When I got married the first time I didn’t have cold feet, per se, but I did protest strongly that I was making the right choice despite what everyone around me had to say about it.  To this day I’m not sure if I fought so strongly for what I believed because I actually believed […]

DIY Until We Die

With less than two months until the wedding, our household has become a serious DIY project breading ground. In an effort to keep the budget as small as possible we’ve been trying to tackle as many DIY projects as we can to put the finishing touches on our big day. Everywhere you look you’ll find […]

The Most Unproductive Filter

I was fortunate in July to listen to several motivational speakers as they spoke to several college aged interns who were preparing to graduate and step out into the workforce. Being someone who is frequently unnerved in my personal life by big changes, I found one quote to be extremely profound and eye opening. Reggie […]


Today I officially said goodbye to my past. After many years of being stuck at the crossroads above, both physically and mentally, I’ve decided to leave the past behind. It was on the corner shown in the picture above that many memories with my ex-husband occurred. It was where we used to part ways when […]

That’s So Taboo!

I’ve noticed that talking about stress and anxiety seems to be taboo for some reason. Instead of discussing what you might be experiencing, people are encouraged to pump their body full of chemicals until the feeling goes away. I’m not okay with this and I’ll tell you why. This way of thinking isn’t actually getting […]