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Out For Consumption

Every once in a while, generally when I feel as if I’m approaching a moment of writers block, I’ll reach out to my closest friends and put out a blanket request for material of any and all kinds. Being readers of this blog they tend to know exactly why I’m asking and reply back with […]

That’s A Knee Slapper…Really?

I work with a company that is acronym heavy and I’m sure someone reading my emails, text messages or inter-company messenger would think I can’t form complete words.  Between using acronyms all day at work and abbreviations in my personal electronic communications during my off hours, I’m not so sure that those out there creating […]

Red, White & Blueberry

Here in Central Florida we rarely celebrate something for only one day due to the theme park industry. Therefore, why should Independence Day be any different from our other national holidays. Independence Day celebrations are going on for the whole week for our guests in town and it wouldn’t be any different for our front […]

Break Out The Tissues And The Claritin

Throughout my childhood, and into my teenage years, I was convinced that I wanted to grow up and be a professional dancer. Several injuries later I realized that wasn’t going to happen, but I still wanted to work within the field of entertainment. I naturally progressed to choreographing, casting, stage and production management. Little did […]

Purge Your Inner “Negative Nelly”

No one wants to work with a “Negative Nelly.”  Over my last several years I’ve had the pleasure of working at multiple locations and it has given me the opportunity to compare managers from one place to another.  Unfortunately, I’m seeing a trend with female managers and it is one that makes me grind my […]