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Is “Homemaker” A Dirty Word?

Elsa Walsh wrote an interesting piece for the Washington Post about what it is like climbing the ladder at work and finding a way to be a mother at the same time. I found myself at some points agreeing and nodding my head and then at other points wanting to yell at her via the […]

What Future Do We Pave Ahead?

It seems to be a little ironic that my cousin posts a link to this article from the Huffington Post a few days ago and I find myself reflecting upon what I read while watching a child melt down at a local attraction. I brought my laptop with me since I had some time to […]

Three Points…Tops!

I’ve mentioned many times in the past that most of my friends have kids and have for several years already. Fortunately, I’ve spent many years working with kids and am hoping to have some of my own eventually, so I’m very accustomed to all that goes with kiddies. That includes the trait that parents immediately […]

Parental Super Heroes?

Having our house has been such a blessing. Some times when I pull up in the driveway I’m amazed that we own the house and it’s not just another rental that we’re going to have to move out of eventually. Since all the painting that I initially did before we moved in, I haven’t had […]

No More Teachers, No More Books…

This past Monday was the first day of school for many people I know and the news completely consumed my Facebook news feed.  Photos of students of all ages covered every inch of update space and I suddenly realized just how many of my friends have kids already.  Usually there is a point each year […]