Bark As Bad As A Bite

photo-10In the business world there are often those people that you hear have a bark that is worse than their bite. These people tend to be harsh and demanding at times, but when it comes down to it they really aren’t that bad when a big problem arises. However, I’m discovering others who have a bark that is just as bad as a bite since it never stops.

I’ve spoken multiple times on the subject of communicating properly in the workplace, but want to hone in specifically on this piece a bit more due to recent experiences. There are employees out there who still believe that shouting is the best way to communicate to those around them. Whether speaking to those above or below them on the food chain, barking is this breed’s chosen form of communication and it isn’t well received by those they are speaking too. I’ll tell you right now that someone addressing me in this manner definitely isn’t earning my respect in any way, shape, or form.

A few days ago I was present for an instance where a front line employee from another area approached a fellow manager by entering the room and barking out “Manager! I need a manager!” Well, we jumped to see how we could be of assistance but I will say she didn’t exactly start off on the best foot with us mentally due to her tone. This is a perfect example of how you will get what you put out. She put out a negative attitude from the moment she stepped into the room and therefore immediately put us into a mental state that made it difficult to be of assistance to her.

Yelling, or sternly speaking in a louder than normal tone if you prefer, immediately puts those you’re speaking to on the defense due to the verbal attach you are coming at them with. The fight or flight instinct is in all of us and if someone is coming at you in such a manner then it should be no shock that their two first instincts are to walk away from the situation or become combative. I’ve watched another instance where someone yelled so often that when she did bark about something important no one jumped up with any urgency to handle the situation. It’s almost as if she cried “wolf” so many times that no one even hears hear any more.

Approaching others as you wish to be approached will earn you exactly what you put out into the universe. Keeping and even keeled tone will earn you far more respect, and urgency when needed, then shouting in another person’s face. I want to help those that come to me for assistance, but I am more obliged to do so in a speedy and efficient manner when I’m approached in a respectful manner. How do you feel when another employee’s bark is as bad as their bite?

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