An Invitation Recommendation

I fell in love with some invitations for the wedding that I found on Etsy and once I showed them to my fiancé I knew there was no turning back.  This isn’t my first time purchasing things through Etsy, but it is a time when I’m happy I can do so instead of ordering from a large company somewhere.  A work from home mother in Kentucky will be benefiting from our invitation purchase and it makes me happy to know that fact.  I applaud her for starting her at home business and balancing it with her full time job of being a mother.

A few years ago I did all of my Christmas shopping on the internet and a good 75% of the items I purchased came from Etsy sellers.  The other 25% came from eBay and in all cases the gift recipients were thrilled.  I must say that I’ve been really pleased with all the handcrafted gifts I purchased from Etsy and it’s why I continue to return to the site.  My Maid of Honor has said a few times that I should sell the items I sew, as she gets such a wonderful response from the dress I made her, and I’m assuming that is how most of the people on Etsy got started.

Etsy seems to be today’s internet equivalent to a strolling through a craft fair or waltzing down a small town street and window shopping.  Either way, I’m excited that we’ll be able to get invitations that are just perfect for our wedding and at a price that doesn’t make me want to scream with insanity.  Thank you Amy Leigh for your wonderful creations!  If you’re in need of any stationary and are on a budget I highly recommend you check out her Etsy store, Inviting Moments.  She offers a wide selection of wedding invitations and totes that her goal is to create whimsical items that everyone can afford.  Her graphic designs are clearly constructed with love and a careful eye!


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