A Club That Will Change Your Life

Dollar Shave ClubI might have just stumbled upon the best Valentine’s Day gift ever this year. Most of the credit has to go to the network that aired this rediculous commercial that caught my eye. However, it was so outlandish that I got me to break out my laptop and go to the company’s website right then and there so clearly the commercial did its job. If you haven’t heard of the Dollar Shave Club yet, then let me be the first to welcome you to the idea behind it and encourage you to click the link to check it out for yourself.

I can’t stand extra items that clutter the house, so I tend to give and appreciate receiving gifts that are extremely useful. When I saw the commercial for Dollar Shave Club just shortly before Valentine’s Day I knew that would be exactly what my fiancé would be getting as his gift. Nothing says I love you like a gift that keeps on giving each month. This is better than a monthly fruit basket that brings fruit flies into the kitchen. This gift will have him thinking about me each morning when he picks up his awesome razor and has the ability to put a fresh blade on it at the start of almost every week this year.

For the amazing price of just $6 a month (it includes the shipping and handling fee) this amazing club will deliver us 48 razor refills over the course of the next year. His first package arrived with the free razor handle, which was way more awesome then I was expecting for the price, and four fresh razor refills. After one day of shaving with the new set he’s declared this to be the “best gift ever!”

He looked like he just received a bar of gold when he opened this.

He looked like he just received a bar of gold when he opened this.

Just to spoil him a little I figured that in his inaugural package I would add some of the Dr. Carver’s shave butter (at a reasonably priced $8) as he tends to have very dry skin and many of the products he’s tried thus far haven’t helped in keeping his face from flaking as the day goes on. The shave butter has been a massive hit as well and I couldn’t be more excited that the whole package is being received to rave reviews each morning. This might just be the most amazing idea out there on the market.

The shave butter has been quite a hit in this house.

The shave butter has been quite a hit in this house.

It used to kill me to go to the store to spend between $15 and $20 for razor refills that he was then going to stretch out as long as possible and have a miserable shaving experience because of it. My fiancé shaves his face every day for his job, but in the last year has started shaving his head and because of that choice we began going through razor refills like they were water. This might just be the best solution I’ve ever found and it comes in at an amazing price of $6 a month on top of the fact that it is delivered right to our mailbox and we don’t have to worry about it.

Almost a year ago while I was on a massive couponing spree I managed to get the bargain of a lifetime on the disposable razors I use. However, I’ve almost depleted my stock and you can bet your bottom that I’ll be signing myself up for this amazing service next. According to their website I’m not the first gal who’s decided to do that after seeing how awesome Dollar Shave Club is. I recommend you get in on the deal now and stop wasting your hard earned money on disposable razors and refills.

They have three different blades to chose from and all three pricing structures put you under $10 a month. You pick your preferred blade, they pick out the free handle that goes with it and you’re off and running as a new member of the coolest adult club around! If you ever decide you want to try a different blade then you just make the change on their really easy to use website and the next month you’ll see new blade and a new handle to match them. I don’t know how I’ll ever top this gift for my fiancé, but until I come up with a plan at least he’ll have a face a smooth as a baby’s butt!

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