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The Age Of Personal Disconnection

Technology can be just as frustrating as it is helpful. Information is now to the point that it is readily available at our finger tips twenty-four hours a day and the decision is now ours as to when we look at it. However, I’m finding more and more people who don’t have the self restraint […]

Honored To Be Selected

There are times when I second guess my leadership style and skills.  Every once in a while there will be a moment when I overhear something that makes me stop and ponder if the way I handle things is the best way.  I like to think that the self doubt is healthy and it is […]

Both Visionary And Highly Practical

A co-worker just shared a great quote with me that I couldn’t resist but share. It’s one that I enjoyed so much that I believe I might have to get my hands on the book that it came from so that I can read more from the writer. “Great leaders always seem to embody two […]

Demonstration Earns Credibility

In the break from consistent work that I’ve had recently, I’ve been attempting to finish several books that I started. I highly recommend all leaders pick themselves up a copy of Lee Cockerell’s Creating Magic: 10 Common Sense Leadership Strategies from a Life at Disney. It’s full of things that will make you slap your […]

When Working Hard Works Against You

All this time out enjoying the beauty of nature recently has given me an opportunity to reflect on the things going on at work. I seem to be stuck in an interesting paradigm within my workforce. To prove that I am worthy of a long term contract or a full time position I need to […]