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What’s Happened To Humanity?

My faith in humanity has been crushed.  An incident at work with an employee from another area opened my eyes to see a world that I’ve clearly been blind to.  Deep in my heart I’ve always believed that when another human is in trouble that complete strangers would jump in and help in whatever way […]

You’re Setting The Example

Drama can spread quickly in the workplace if you have those who like to, let’s say, spread the wealth of misery.  If the drama is at your level or above you then it is best to stay out of it.  If it is something ongoing within the team that is working for you then it […]


Closure can easily become the hardest intangible item to achieve in life.  Whether you are seeking closure from a relationship that is ending, from a job that you are departing from or a situation that you no longer are involved with; closure means something different for each and every one of us but it is […]

Deviation Isn’t A Dirty Word

“I get bored and scared if today is exactly like yesterday.” – Morten Sandlykke Don’t we all Morten?  At least that’s what I always believed until I had the opportunity to begin working with other managers.  You sure learn a lot about the differences in people when you start working with large amounts of fellow […]

Early To Rise

This year I’ve been trying to make a genuine effort to be early to work.  I have a tendency to just skate in at the nick of time when I’m working in locations that I frequent.  However I know I have the ability to be early, as that is generally what I am when I’m […]