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Every once in a while, generally when I feel as if I’m approaching a moment of writers block, I’ll reach out to my closest friends and put out a blanket request for material of any and all kinds. Being readers of this blog they tend to know exactly why I’m asking and reply back with either things they are interested in reading my viewpoint on or personal experiences they are facing that they think I can relate to. It tends to get the creative juices flowing again which then leads me to fulfilling their requests as well as mixing in a few topics of my own that pop into my head along the way. However, that’s not why I originally started this blog.

When I began this journey, back in January of 2011, it was purely for myself. Not for any readers who might stumble upon it or make it a weekly part of their morning ritual to read. I started this blog as a release for myself. It wasn’t more than a month prior to that very first post that I closed the final chapter on a very large book of my history. It was a time in my life when I learned who was really a true friend and who were those that stayed in my life only as a convenience. I was in a job that I loved, but was burnt out by the workload and emotional burden of those surrounding me in it. It was around the same time that I was learning just what I was facing with my health and was terrified that I might have to give up my biggest passion in life.

Unable to go to the one place I will always truly feel at home to dance my feelings, frustrations and confusion out I quickly realized I needed a new release. That moment of floundering and grasping for some form of therapy to calm me inside turned into me pouring my heart, thoughts, viewpoints and tips out for consumption by all those who decide to stop on by and make this blog a part of their day. Many of you have read through my ups and downs, been there through not one but two job changes and joined me along the journey as I took control of my health. It’s hard to believe that this all began about three and a half years ago. It’s even crazier to me to see how many people from across the globe stop and read a line or two.

I’ve definitely enjoyed each any every moment of ranting about topics such as management to fashion, divorce to marriage, dancing to running and everything in between. Now is the time I turn to you all. As I continue to push forward and into year number four of this blog I would love to know what you want to hear about. Are you facing a situation at work you’d like to hear an outsider’s outlook on? Is there a fashion trend you’re dying to hear me break down? What is it you want to see here for your reading pleasure? I’m always happy to take submissions and put my spin on them. Thanks for continually coming back, finding my own form of therapy amusing to you in some way and joining me on this adventure while I continue to make this a classy, but sassy guide to management and life!


Nothing is better than the peace of Project 7 Yoga being a part of my day.

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    Lol. Those pointe shoe squared off feet! I’d recognize them in a police line up!

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