Just the Right Frames

In looking back to pull photos for this post, I was reminded just how many shades of red my hair has been over the last 12+ years.  It was sometime around late 2001 and early 2002 that I decided it was time to go with a hair color that more appropriately matched my personality.  I chose red and never looked back.  It’s been darker, lighter, brighter or muted but always red.  Also, it dawned on me that for almost five or six years of those years I had the same pair of beloved red glasses.  They were my only pair as, at the time I had them, I had no problems wearing them almost every where.  For a chunk of my performing years I was given colored contacts to wear while I was at work, so the color of my frames didn’t matter at that point.  Stepping onto the other side of performing and into production and management has changed that.

My favorite pair of beloved red frames...and me being goofy while traveling in a city that has a real winter.

My favorite pair of beloved red frames…and me being goofy while traveling in a city that has a real winter.

My newest red glasses have long been against the dress code where I work.  Therefore, for almost 2 years I’ve been quarintined to wearing a pair of rimless glasses that I bought as a backup when I worked for a different company.  As much as I love my bright red glasses, I never would have purchased them intending to wear them every day if I knew I would be returning to my current employer.  Alas, we finally received health insurance this year and it meant that I was eligible for an eye exam and a new pair of frames.

My second daring experiment with red frames.

My second daring experiment with red frames.

I know that to some of you that seems like such a trivial thing, but for those of use who wear glasses during every waking hour we know just how much your frames can say about your personality.  Granted, my frameless glasses did practically blend right into my face and almost disappear.  However, my funky red frames were much more my personality.

My "work appropriate," yet boring, rimless frames.

My “work appropriate,” yet boring, rimless frames.

My husband was able to get an eye exam and much needed glasses too (thank goodness as he lost his old ones several years ago) and he was able to pick out his frames within 20 minutes or so despite his eyes being dilated.  Different from his last, as colorful as his personality and very structured.  I on the other hand used the time he was in his appointment, the time he spent trying on glasses and time during my appointment trying to find the right frames.  It was one of those times when I was cursing being a gal.

For several years now I’ve wanted a pair of cat eye glasses.  Every pair of cat eye frames we found in the store were huge on my face.  I was starting to lose hope when I found a pair of Bobbi Brown frames that had a slight hint of a cat eye.  Although the ear pieces were the softest type I’ve ever had the pleasure of wearing, the frames themselves were terribly heavy and just a bit too big still.  Thanks to my husband, I managed to finally decide on these for my first foray into the world of cat eyes.

Breaking into the world of cat eye glasses slowly, but it's a start.

Breaking into the world of cat eye glasses slowly, but it’s a start.  Note the red tips that I like to consider my “work appropriate” compromise.

Not quite as drastic of a leap as I had thought I would take, but at least they still have a touch of my red in them.  It’s a muted red, but one that passes the dress code at work and still lets me show a bit of my personality so I’ll take it.  During the process of finding frames I had a co-worker turn me on to Zenni Optical.  If you, like my husband, have a bad history of losing glasses then this might just be the site for you.  All you need to know is your prescription and you can order glasses at unbeatable prices which allows you to have a backup, or two, on hand.

I’m pretty sure we’ll be getting a few back ups for my husband from them.  My co-worker said she’s got almost half a dozen glasses from them so she can vary up her style and always has a pair on hand despite where she might have left them.  At prices that compare to buying a pair of general readers in box store, I can see why.  Check them out if you’re looking to switch up your look or even just to have extra on hand in case of emergency.

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